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CPO Tankers becomes ZEABORN Tankers

Bremen/Hamburg, 6 November 2019. Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG (“CPO Tankers”) has now been renamed ZEABORN Ship Management...


Chad Call steps up as CFO of ZEAMARINE

Bremen, 2 October 2019. ZEAMARINE announced today that Chad Call will succeed Michael Dumas as Chief Financial Officer with immediate effect. An...


ZEAMARINE secures largest contract to date

HAMBURG (July 30, 2019) - ZEAMARINE has successfully been awarded a large ocean transportation contract from Schenker Australia Pty Limited for the...


Ove Meyer withdraws from operational management

Bremen, 18 July 2019. Ove Meyer, co-founder of ZEABORN GmbH & Co. KG (ZEABORN), which was established in April 2013, has resigned as Managing Director...