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Zeaborn Shipowning, the shipowning division of Zeaborn Group, invests in existing tonnage. We are continuously evaluating existing vessels whether they are strategically suitable and fitting into our fleet. We are constantly looking for vessels with attractive cost structures and financing to join our fleet.

As the shipping company of the ZEABORN Group, ZEABORN Shipowning invests in existing tonnage and monitors, on an ongoing basis, whether existing vessels are strategically suited and are still a good fit for the fleet.

ZEABORN Shipowning is continuously on the lookout for vessels with attractive cost structures and financings to be brought into the ZEABORN fleet.

The ZEABORN Group sees itself as an integrated shipping conglomerate that is open to partnerships. This also applies to ZEABORN Shipowning, where partners, such as institutional investors or other large investors, can participate in the financing of vessels and thus partake in the profits. For these partners, ZEABORN Shipowning also offers capital-market-compliant reporting.

Zeaborn Trust

Established to facilitate the development of solutions for distressed assets, the Zeaborn Trust aims to create financial stability and secure opportunities for a reversal of impairment losses. Within this framework, we can structure solutions for both vessels and shipping companies together with their respective stakeholders.